New 7up – now more fruity

7up has had a redesign. Now with more fruit, bubbles and, of course, a big ol’ number 7, we were fearing the worst but it’s not half bad…

The new look was created by TracyLocke New York and will be rolled out (as they say) in several countries around the world, but not the US. Confusingly, 7up is owned by Dr Pepper Snapple Group in the US but the global brand is owned by PepsiCo: it is the latter that will carry the new look.

The design, we are told in accompanying press blurb “goes back to the core elements that define 7up: lemons, limes, bubbles and refreshment”.

It’s all notably cleaner than the previous incarnation, which looked like this (although these things tend to look better on the mock-ups than the actual bottles and cans).

There seems to be, post-Turner Duckworth’s work for Coke, a distinct move away from the drop shadows, 3D effects and graduated fills that has cluttered up so much mainstream packaging and towards a far simpler, flatter aesthetic. Which is all to the good as far as we are concerned.


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